Life update

YES, we are alive, and safly back at home in Copenhagen. We are already missing Nuuk.

I’m so sorry I haven’t have time to update the last part of my diary from Nuuk, there’s been many things going on again. Like there was Copenhagen Comics festival right after we came home. I was in a Nordic children comics exhibition there:

The exhibition was based on a new book called Dreambuddies – New Children’s Comics from the North, published by the Finnish Comics Society (you can buy the book from here). I’m in the book with the first Oonaphant comic:

Oonaphant is a series of children books/comics I’m making. I’m going to be focusing on them the next two months in a Cité residency in Paris (possible diary comics of that one will be updated too, so stay tuned).

I’m also working with a longer graphic novel (which was actually my main project in Nuuk) based on bear myths, specially the rituals of killing a bear. I’m actually doing it like ”real comic artists” do comics: I’ve been doing research and writing scripts (what!?! OMG, right?). Here’s a tiny sketch to show that it’s for real:

I will try to make a pdf book out of the whole diary in Nuuk, if I have time. Let’s see. Till then, remember to fallow my tumblr.