Life update -Helsinki this weekend!

Yes, I’m still here. I am sorry I haven’t been doing more diary from Paris. I will try to do a final round up of all the cool things I experienced during the Cité des arts stay, but it will take a while.

But hey, I’ll be in Helsinki Comics Festival this weekend (6.-8.9.2013)! I’ll be selling my new Talviunta  part 2 booklet, at Asema Kustannus table. And there will be a small interveaw at Mbar friday 6.9. at 17:00. 

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

My new booklet Talviunta part 2 will be out this weekend!

This is where we lived for two months.

My work table in Paris

Japan Expo!

We managed to get in to the Paris Catacombes. We waited ab. 2 hours in line, but it was worth it!

Musée du quai Branly, maybe my favorite museum in the world. It-was-awesome.

Le musée de la poupée had a cool world dolls exhibition

I found a friend at Musée des arts et métiers

So, next stop: Helsinki. After that (and a short trip to my home town Oulu) we’ll be heading to Antibes!

Life update

YES, we are alive, and safly back at home in Copenhagen. We are already missing Nuuk.

I’m so sorry I haven’t have time to update the last part of my diary from Nuuk, there’s been many things going on again. Like there was Copenhagen Comics festival right after we came home. I was in a Nordic children comics exhibition there:

The exhibition was based on a new book called Dreambuddies – New Children’s Comics from the North, published by the Finnish Comics Society (you can buy the book from here). I’m in the book with the first Oonaphant comic:

Oonaphant is a series of children books/comics I’m making. I’m going to be focusing on them the next two months in a Cité residency in Paris (possible diary comics of that one will be updated too, so stay tuned).

I’m also working with a longer graphic novel (which was actually my main project in Nuuk) based on bear myths, specially the rituals of killing a bear. I’m actually doing it like ”real comic artists” do comics: I’ve been doing research and writing scripts (what!?! OMG, right?). Here’s a tiny sketch to show that it’s for real:

I will try to make a pdf book out of the whole diary in Nuuk, if I have time. Let’s see. Till then, remember to fallow my tumblr.