New York!

I’m sorry my blog has become more like a infodesk than a comics blog, but I promise I’ll start posting real comics again after this trip!

I’ll be in MoCCA festival in NEW YORK this weekend! Yay!  I’m hanging around in NY from 6th to 15th. We’re going to have some comics for sale at the festivals and there’s also some events and a small exhibition I will be atending. More info here at the

I’m also part of the Comics blog exhibition at the Helsinki Comics centre from 5th to 30th of April Check it out!

Mun tyyli

Multa on tulossa taas keväällä kurssi Helsingin sarjakuvakeskukselle. Ilmoittautumiset on jo alkanut, tervetuloa kurssille!


This is my comic. | This is my style. | And although my style is always changing… | …It’s still always mine. | Because if it woudn’t change.. | …And just would stay as it is… | …Then it would stop being mine. | Because I’m also changing all the time. | And it’s not something I should be sad about or that I should fear. | I just have to let go | And do and try. | And that’s exactly what we do in my course.

I’m teaching comics again in Comics Centre of Helsinki next spring, and this comic is kind of a teaser for that.