The cannibal of Angoulême (24h 2009)


Hey wait don’t go yet! | I um… | I wan’t to tell you something!
Have you ever heard about… | The cannibal of Angoulême? | Oh you haven’t?! | Well then, you’ll definately want to hear it! | It’s a wild story!
I bet you haven’t heard wilder story that that! | I know all kinds of stuff has happened here before… | …All kinds of stuff. | But nothing as wild as that | It was a scary thing | But luckily I’m here | Protecting people, you know |m-hm.
So the story goes like this… |…Some time ago… | The streets of Angoulême where not so safe. | Because in the shadows lurked… | …Danger.
If you where walking at night | alone | here in the dark streets.
And if you where not careful | you might find youself in trouble | …when…| The cannibal of Angoulême attacks!
It’s true as it can be. | It wasn’t safe then | Although I was here | because, you see, the thing is | I was new here back then.

I was a small puppy back then | Blue eyed also I guess | I couldn’t expect anything like that | something as sick as that! | To kill and eat people!! |pfff.

The victimes where always missing something. | A leg | an ear | or a hand | Yes yes, it’s all true! | I heard some guy was missing his head!
And no-one found any of those parts. | it had clearly eaten them! | But guess what… | Not only the parts where missing… | But the cannibal.. | They never found it!
Oh you don’t belive me? | Why don’t you? | It’s a true stroy!! | You can’t just make up stuff like this.
Oh, why it wasn’t on the news? | well. you see… | The thing is…| That… | the police where hiding information!! | They didn’t wan’t everyone to know they couldnt catch ti! | They where ashamed.

It was a scary guy | No one really knew what it looked alike. | And they said it was often in disguise.
They said it even dressed up as a old lady!  | There was some suspisions who it could have been | They said it was a neighbour or a uncle of someone | But those where just gossips.


Last time that we heard about it… | …It was some time ago. | You see, back then, I was quite a small puppy. | And a brand new here. | I know, you woudn’t believe I’ve been a puppy once! | Har har har.
But yea… | I had heard about it. | The pegions had told some gossip about it | But they didn’t know about it much | so I decided to find out | I thought that I’m not going to let that kind of thing run around.
So I was walking on the street | and then I heard | Somebody was screaming!

And there it was!! | I was sooo scare | you have no idea how much!

But then I attacked! | There was a huge fight!! | And I bit it and I snarled.
And then it just run away | And no one saw it after that. | And that’s why they made me the sherif of this town! | That’s right.
What’ya mean you don’t beleave me?

I even got this scar from it. | This one right here! | You don’t see it? | It’s a bit hidden | but I got it from it alright. | yep.

Hey where are you going? | Wait up! | I have one other story also! | it’s even wilder! | Hey wait up, really!

en yleensä

I don’t usually forget important things. | Oh no, I was supposed to call that one phonecall! | ….shit did I forgot to turn off the stove?! | And I’m not usually late… | Agh, I was supposed to be in Kallio 15 minutes ago! Where’s my keys?! | What’s wrong with me??

Specially today… | Everything that happens, is somehow separate from me. Everything happens outside of me | Somewhere else. | And I’m ready to fall apart on my thoughts. | But I can’t dissapear yet. | I have to wait for next month. | And that’s quite soon. | That is if I do lots of work now, so I can make a small place for myself.

What are you worrying about, small thing?

You are something.

Well duh, of course I don’t really CARE about you, I’m just saying it’s  not wise to go away.