Prinsessa Uninen

Löysin tälläisen sarjakuvan koneeltani. Joskus oli tarkoitus tehdä yhteinen pienlehti kaverin kanssa, mutta ei me sitä vissiin koskaan tehty… Tämä on vuodelta 2009.  Kaksi vuotta sitten. Vau kun aika menee taas niin nopeeta.

I found this old comic from my computer. We where planning to do a zine together with a friend of mine, but I guess we never did it… This was done in 2009. That’s 2 years ago. Wow, time goes by so quickly.

Once upon a time there was a princess who loved sleeping. She didn’t really do anything else. And nobody dared to wake up the princess, because she could be very angry if you tried to wake her up. I mean VERY angry.

The king and the queen started to be very fed up with the princess who didn’t do anything else than slept and slept. | We have to wake her up. | You do it, I don’t dare. | But nether of them dared to wake up princess Sleepy. So they decided to call for reinforcements. | Hear! Hear!  | Half the kingdom and lots of candy to who ever wakes up the princess!

First to arrive where princess Sleepy’s princess friends from the neighbor princessdoms. | Princess Gentle from Turku | Princess Sweet from Norpatti land | Soon she doesn’t want to sleep anymore | We brought juggling balls with us!  | Giggled princess Gentle and princess Sweet | Wake up princess Sleepy! | It’s a beautiful day today! | Come and play with us! | Meh | Answered the princess and turned around in the bed.

The fairy godmother of the princesses flew by. | I know for sure how to wake up the princess | The fairy godmother conjured up all kinds of cakes and other sweets. | Wake up princess Sleepy! | It’s such a sweet day today | Come and eat some cake with us | gah | Answered the princess and turned around in the bed.

Then arrived the powerful wizard of  the neighbor country. | I can assure you I will wake up the princess | The wizard immediately started to use the most powerful magic that he knew of. He called it ”reverse psychology”. | Hey princess Sleepy, go on and sleep! | It’s better that you don’t wake up. | Hah | Said the princess and turned around in the bed.

Then suddenly Disco prince arrived. He was looking for some one to party with. | You’re not going to wake her up with that kind of  grim attitude! | Said the prince and danced towards the princess. | Wake up princess Sleepy! It’s a super hyper glittery day today! | Come with me to party! | Bah | Answered the princes and turned around in the bed.

Finally arrived the prince Dream. | No worries! | I will wake up the princess! | Waking up princesses is my job | Wake up princess Sleepy! | Today is your lucky day! | wake up so we can make out | GRRR | Growled the princes and turned around in the bed.

Finally everyone where very tired. They had tired all the tricks to wake up the princess, but she still hadn’t waken up. | ZZZZZ | So they decided to give up and throw a big evening party, just that the whole day wouldn’t go to waste.  | KLOK | said the door and the princes woke up.

Where is everyone?! | Hey are they having a party?!! | Why didn’t they wake me up?!


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  1. Tuttuja näköjä ja nimiä! Ilahduttavan pitkä sarjakuvamuotoinen päivitys, jonka olisi tosiaan mieluusti nähnyt myös pienlehdessä. Toi hyvän mielen, kiitos! :)