Eräät biisit ja ne eräät tyypit

Usually there’s a connection between CERTAIN SONGS and CERTAIN PERSONS. | And when you hear that CERTAIN SONG you’ll remember that CERTAIN PERSON.

And many times it turns out, that you can’t listen to that CERTAIN SONG anymore because of that CERTAIN PERSON. | So that’s why it’s so WONDERFUL to hear a song that dosn’t remind you of ANYTHING.

Only about that CERTAIN SONG. | And it’s so rare and fragile… | …That you have to be carefull

Because if you’re not carefull, some CERTAIN PERSON might get attached to it… | …And then THAT SONG is also lost.


NOW, during this trip, I finnaly had the feeling I’ve been waiting for. | That feeling when I’m thinking… | I don’t want to go back to Helsinki. | It doesn’t feel like home yet. | It even snowed in Oulu. | I’m writing to get rid of this bad feeling. | Maybe I won’t show this to anyone afterall. | This month is going to be unreal.

Eksyksissä (työnimi): osa 9

Missing (working title) | It’s pritty easy to dare me to do stupid things… | I’m SO going to write a better novel than you. | I will write a LONGER one and by HAND. | So, now I’m going to write a novel in november. | Yes, yes, I know I’m not a writer… | But it’s going to be great anyway…

…And I’m going to write the story so, that I can use it for my album… | …And I already know how my novel begings.

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