NOW I will tell you about the wonderful nuclear power! | Just a minute, I’ll put this blindfold on first.

Nuclear power is the energy of the future! | Then nuclear waste is the problem of the future!

What? | But Finland needs nuclear power! | Finland does not need dangerous energy, that produces toxic waste!

What? | But nuclear power is safe energy | There’s always risks in nuclear power, from uranium mining to storing the nuclear waste.

What nuclear waste? | The nuclear waste, which stays dangerous for hundred thousand years!

What? | Nooo | And there still isn’t any solutions for the disposal of the nuclear waste.

I don’t see any nuclear waste.


Oh you mean THAT nuclear waste! | Well, I guess it is a bit of a problem…

But now worries! | We will take care of it!

We will take care of it so, that…

…It will be someone else’s problem.

Someone will fix it for us.

Isn’t it handy?

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