Some time ago… | Guess what I found from my night table’s drawers? | your virginity!?! | … | Well you ASKED | Well, what did you find?

I found a ladybug! | It walked on my Wirginia Woolf and looked so lost.

And it made me so sad | why? | I couldn’t put it out, because it was too cold outside | and there wasn’t anything it could have eaten inside…

”So what did you do?” | poor little ladybug… | What I’ll do with– | ARGH!!

Hahaha! | It was a reflex! | Ladybug is a BUG also!!


Visiting Olli | You look taller! | Hey, are you making fun of me??

We watched one movie.. | sniff | sigh | I think that movies have completely twisted how I think about love

huh? | well, movies like this have told me… | …that love is something huge, life changing | and that there is ”the one” for everyone. | And that through drama and difficulties you will KNOW that THIS person is the one for you.

And then when you just don’t know that in real life… | It makes me feel bad.. | when I realize that love isn’t something greater than life, it’s just PART of life. | Maybe that’s the reason The umbrellas of cherbourg is such a good movie… | ..It has such a realistic ending | heh, yea, true!

*note* I have no idea how to translate ”vittuilla” and ”ahdistaa”. Maybe these are just too finnish things to be translated anyway?


Taas vanhaa tavaraa, tämän tein ensimmäiselle kurssilleni, minkä pidin sarjakuvakeskuksella. En muistaakseni ole laittanut tätä omaan blogiini kuitenkaan… Ja JOO, huomasin. SarjakuvapäivAkirja.

This is a old comic again. I did it for my first course that I held in the Comic Centre in Helsinki. I hope I haven’t updated this in my blog before…

A comic diary. | I’m sure that everyone has kept a diary in some point… | 3.10.2008 Friday… Dear diary, today I got up quite late, I’ve been so tired… | 3.10.2008 Friday. I got up quite late… | Yes, yes, let’s go out… | …I’ve been so tired lately. | …A comic diary is different from a normal diary so, that you DRAW about your day in a comic form. | It means also that the drawings has to be quick (and usually quite messy too).

Why should you have a comic diary? | There’s atleast two good reasons: | Just because keeping a diary is the best way to clear your thoughts and it’s so great to get to read your old diary entries… | Ash, I’m so tired… But I’ll just draw quickly what he said to me today…. | AND when you do your diary in a comic form, you’ll draw every day, and you’ll develope your drawing style without realizing it.

You can’t show your diary to anyone!! | Then you don’t have to think about critic, how other people will feel about your comic, about your drawing style. you don’t have to think about anything… | I’d like to draw a comic about yesterday… But I don’t think she would want me to draw it… | Well, I’ll just draw it in my DIARY. | …Then you draw comics just to YOURSELF.