Mainos: Löydä minut tästä kaupungista

Lopun merkkejä. Vähän jänskättää.

It’s the beginning of the end. This is my book, it’s my first one. It will be ready on September 2009. The name means ”Find me from this city”. I’m a bit scared.


Missing (a working title) | I’m lost in my work when I REALIZE…

I’m really already editing this! | It feels funny in my stomach | But I shoudn’t get excited, there’s still so much to do. IT’S NOT READY YET.

IT’S NOT READY YET. I Still have time to panic, feel lots of anxiety, get depressed, say ”I will never” (so many times). | BUT | Now I could be happy, just a short while.

…And then. | Oh F***.