Paska kaupunni

They’ve written SHITTY TWN again

I’m walking because I’m not allowed to stop. | The library is open for one more hour | And it’s too late to go there.

Hallituskatu (street). Valkealinna (building). | Do you remember? | Do you remember? | Do you remember? | Do you remember? | Watch out for the bikes! | Do you remember? | Something familiar might come behind the corner.

Tän tein Oulun sarjakuvaseuran Ruutukaava-lehteen, lehden voi lukea sivulta . Teema oli Paska Kaupunki.


NOW I will tell you about the wonderful nuclear power! | Just a minute, I’ll put this blindfold on first.

Nuclear power is the energy of the future! | Then nuclear waste is the problem of the future!

What? | But Finland needs nuclear power! | Finland does not need dangerous energy, that produces toxic waste!

What? | But nuclear power is safe energy | There’s always risks in nuclear power, from uranium mining to storing the nuclear waste.

What nuclear waste? | The nuclear waste, which stays dangerous for hundred thousand years!

What? | Nooo | And there still isn’t any solutions for the disposal of the nuclear waste.

I don’t see any nuclear waste.


Oh you mean THAT nuclear waste! | Well, I guess it is a bit of a problem…

But now worries! | We will take care of it!

We will take care of it so, that…

…It will be someone else’s problem.

Someone will fix it for us.

Isn’t it handy?

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Anteeksi hajamielisyyteni

Happiness makes me absent-minded | Sorry, I think I left my passport here… | Soon it will hurt again | And I don’t really know how to TRUST anymore.

But I do still believe, that someday it will pass me by…

…And then I’ll realize it to be nonexistent.


On the other hand I miss | far away | strange places | On the other hand I would want to | just make my own nest and remain in hibernation | Today I again left decisions for tomorrow, to wait for the solutions | No | maybe | yes | if | there | here | that way.

Mainos: BATUMAN!

Ilokseni DAADA päätti julkaista Batumanin ihan paperilla, ja vieläpä näin joulun alla! Lehteä voi ostaa muuten jo launataina 27.11.2010 Sarjakuvakeskuksen sarjislauantaina ( kello 12-16 Hämeentie 150). Oon itse myös paikalla hengailemassa ja saatanpa jopa istua karikatyyriautomaatin sisällä iltapäivällä… Tervetuloa kaikki!

AI NIIN! Lehti sisältää 4 ennen julkaisematonta sivua! :O

For my delight DAADA decided to publish Batuman in it’s own small zine. You can get your own copy by connecting Marko in Daada OR if you are in Helsinki on Saturday 27th November, you can buy one at the Comics centre (hämeentie 150, open 12-16).

Oh AND! The zine includes 4 never before seen pages!! Oh Joy!


Secrets are burning in the kekri-party, but I’m still worrying about the same things | What’s wrong with me? | Why I’m not good enough? | I would have wanted to show so much more… | …Tell so many stories. | Nah, I think I will just go home |  bye bye | bye.

But here I am again | Bag full of comics | I’m a bit tired | heading towards new stories.