Tänään… -sarjaa julkaistiin aikoinaan kymmenen jakson verran NYT-liitteessä vuonna 2010. Tää oli ehkä mun lemppari. | Today… Was published in NYT-magazine in 2010 (total of 10 comics). This one was maybe my favorit.

Today… | It’s not me who’s talking | Can people be any more idiotic? | You better move out of my way! | I don’t care about anything you say | I apologize it’s behavior | Get a real job hippie! |I do not know where it comes from! | I might encourage it a bit sometimes | What an idiot! | hihi… SHH! | Because I know it doesn’t really mean any harm | Okay you can hang out with me for a bit | but don’t grow any bigger | GRR

Maan korvessa kulkevi

Julkaistu Design museon Hyppää ruutuun-näyttelyn yhteydessä julkaistussa lehdessä 2011 | Published in a magazine of Design museum of Helsinki with the exhibition Hyppää ruutuun 2011

In the wilderness of land goes the path of the child [old finnish hymn] | Yawn| Are you tired? | a little bit | Go ahead and sleep | We still have a long way to go until we’re home



Teach me what is a morning

Julkaistu Call it a day kirjassa 2011 //  This was published in Call It a Day -book with better translated English subtitles…

Teach me what is a morning | What means | good morning | What is morning coffee and breakfast | How you wake up only once in the morning | Can I go back to sleep now? | Of course not! | Get up!

During the day I’ll tell you a secret | lunch is my breakfast | ”free time” | ”weekend” | ”holiday” | Words that I don’t know | At the same time I’m trying to ready you | to know if I should tell you everything

In the evening you confess: | I’m getting tired | No! | I’m just getting started | Whe still have so much to see! | I’ll lure you to get to know my world | I should go to sleep | you can stay awake just a bit longer.

If you can stay awake, I will show you what is night | This is my favorit place in Helsinki | The stars, the moon, silence and peace | embracing darkness | But we always have to sacrifice ether the morning or the night. | Are you still awake? | And I don’t think that nether of us will give up on theirs.