Tänään… -sarjaa julkaistiin aikoinaan kymmenen jakson verran NYT-liitteessä vuonna 2010. Tää oli ehkä mun lemppari. | Today… Was published in NYT-magazine in 2010 (total of 10 comics). This one was maybe my favorit.

Today… | It’s not me who’s talking | Can people be any more idiotic? | You better move out of my way! | I don’t care about anything you say | I apologize it’s behavior | Get a real job hippie! |I do not know where it comes from! | I might encourage it a bit sometimes | What an idiot! | hihi… SHH! | Because I know it doesn’t really mean any harm | Okay you can hang out with me for a bit | but don’t grow any bigger | GRR