Näin mun muisti yleensä toimii | This is how my memory works:

Oh no, you know what… | I didn’t find it.

Or wait…

Here’s that one night when that one dude came to visit at your studio…

What do you mean you don’t want to remember that? | You told me to save everything

How am I supposed to know what’s important and what’s not? | If I throw it away, you will be soon asking after it

well, FINE. | Let’s throw it out then | Then he suddenly sent a message and… | He was wearing a cute shirt that had a picture of… | And then he smiled so nicely…

It was a warm summer, really pretty | And back then he still wanted to talk to me and see me | I laughed and he laughed and…|


I told you… | Hey! | I think I found it! | Jukka! He’s first name is Jukka and… | em…. | Oh-no…

I think I’ve spilled the last name on the floor | sorry.

I think there’s a J in it… | But I can’t make out what the whole name was | Oh no…

When there’s always new information coming | And I haven’t  even had the time to organize the old one

But we can sing ”ich habe eine banane” together again | that’s safely stored.

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  1. Tämä on ehkä paras ikinä. Niin totta ja kipeää, ja samalla kepeää. Sun töitä katsoo aina ihmetellen, että miten joku voi vangita pieniä asioita niin tarkkaan.