The cannibal of Angoulême (24h 2009)


Hey wait don’t go yet! | I um… | I wan’t to tell you something!
Have you ever heard about… | The cannibal of Angoulême? | Oh you haven’t?! | Well then, you’ll definately want to hear it! | It’s a wild story!
I bet you haven’t heard wilder story that that! | I know all kinds of stuff has happened here before… | …All kinds of stuff. | But nothing as wild as that | It was a scary thing | But luckily I’m here | Protecting people, you know |m-hm.
So the story goes like this… |…Some time ago… | The streets of Angoulême where not so safe. | Because in the shadows lurked… | …Danger.
If you where walking at night | alone | here in the dark streets.
And if you where not careful | you might find youself in trouble | …when…| The cannibal of Angoulême attacks!
It’s true as it can be. | It wasn’t safe then | Although I was here | because, you see, the thing is | I was new here back then.

I was a small puppy back then | Blue eyed also I guess | I couldn’t expect anything like that | something as sick as that! | To kill and eat people!! |pfff.

The victimes where always missing something. | A leg | an ear | or a hand | Yes yes, it’s all true! | I heard some guy was missing his head!
And no-one found any of those parts. | it had clearly eaten them! | But guess what… | Not only the parts where missing… | But the cannibal.. | They never found it!
Oh you don’t belive me? | Why don’t you? | It’s a true stroy!! | You can’t just make up stuff like this.
Oh, why it wasn’t on the news? | well. you see… | The thing is…| That… | the police where hiding information!! | They didn’t wan’t everyone to know they couldnt catch ti! | They where ashamed.

It was a scary guy | No one really knew what it looked alike. | And they said it was often in disguise.
They said it even dressed up as a old lady!  | There was some suspisions who it could have been | They said it was a neighbour or a uncle of someone | But those where just gossips.


Last time that we heard about it… | …It was some time ago. | You see, back then, I was quite a small puppy. | And a brand new here. | I know, you woudn’t believe I’ve been a puppy once! | Har har har.
But yea… | I had heard about it. | The pegions had told some gossip about it | But they didn’t know about it much | so I decided to find out | I thought that I’m not going to let that kind of thing run around.
So I was walking on the street | and then I heard | Somebody was screaming!

And there it was!! | I was sooo scare | you have no idea how much!

But then I attacked! | There was a huge fight!! | And I bit it and I snarled.
And then it just run away | And no one saw it after that. | And that’s why they made me the sherif of this town! | That’s right.
What’ya mean you don’t beleave me?

I even got this scar from it. | This one right here! | You don’t see it? | It’s a bit hidden | but I got it from it alright. | yep.

Hey where are you going? | Wait up! | I have one other story also! | it’s even wilder! | Hey wait up, really!

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  1. Nyt on ihan pakko kysyä: onko mahdollisesti tulossa oikein jonkin sortin antologia liittyen ”Löydä minut tästä kaupungista”-sarjakuvaan liittyen?

    Se meinaan voisi olla mielenkiintoinen kokeilu: esim. ”Kertomuksia tästä kaupungista” ja siinä sitten tällaisia ylläolevan kaltaisia tarinoita :)

    Tai no helppohan se on minun sanoa, kun en niitä itse joudu tekemään ;)

  2. En oo mitään sen kummempaa antologiaa miettiny tehdä. huijarikoirasta mun oli tarkotus tehä jonkinlainen oma pienlehti, mutta en saanu sitä sit aikaiseksi… mut ehkä se seikkailee tällein vierailevana tähtenä aina välillä täällä blogissa.

  3. kiitos subtitlesta! ;oP
    I love iiiit! it’s really cool and funny and I hope it’s not truuuue (cause I’m going back there, you know….)